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Micah's mom and I had been discussing doing a session with her three boys for a good while now.  But one thing or the other kept getting in the way.  We knew it would happen, we just weren't sure when.  As soon as I found out about The Gold Hope Project, I let Kim know about the group.  She eagerly applied for the project and I was delighted when I got to be their photographer.  We started out at the river where I knew the golden light would be a beautiful backdrop for these three handsome brothers and their lovely mother. 



The main reason Kim wanted to be a part of The Gold Hope Project was because she thought her healthy boy would be a source of hope for those families just starting their journey.  In her opinion, the massive time frame of a child's treatment is one of the scariest parts of the diagnosis-  realizing you have to live with it for so long.   Looking at this healthy young man has to serve as a comfort and inspiration to those parents in the throws of their own journey with their child. 



The picture on the right is what I got when I said, "Now give my your 'I kicked cancer's butt' face."  Love it.


As if Micah's diagnosis weren't enough for this family, tragedy recently struck.  While approaching the end of Micah's therapy last November, his father was killed by a drunk driver.  He missed seeing Micah reach his goal of December 4, 2011 which was the last day he took a treatment and the end of a long journey for the family.  Though missing their husband and father, this family rejoices at Micah's victory and the smiles on their faces during our session warmed my heart.




Like seems to be the case with most of use with more than one child, these are three very different boys... all wonderful in their own ways.



Gold + Golf Ball + Micah = HOPE



I had to put Micah in this golden light in front of a rusty gold truck...  I just HAD to :)



Three brothers... first posing and then being themselves.




Handsome times three...



This is the face of a fighter.  This is also the face of HOPE... a healthy Micah.  



These last few images of the family are perhaps my favorites from the whole session.  The Boggs family is the definition of resilience and I am proud to know them.  



Here they are... walking into a future they had not planned or foreseen, but one they will surely be able to weather-  together.  My heartfelt thanks for letting me share your amazing story.





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Tis the season... https://www.wendywickerphillipsphotography.com/blog/2012/11/tis-the-season


Yeah, I know "tis the season" for lots of other things, but for us today is the official beginning of basketball season. I love basketball season... despite all the rushing around,travelling, and laundry that goes along with it.  This is a photo snapped last year by my basketball player-  Bryce.   He entered it the Junior BETA Club photography contest.  He  used my gear, but set the shot up, executed it, and edited it himself (with a short tutorial from me first).  I love this shot.  I'm a total sucker for a good black and white photograph.  And, though he was clearly robbed since this didn't place... uh-oh did that sound bitter??, it makes me happy to see it and will serve as a reminder of my boy at this time in his life.  Happy basketball season, ya'll!

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The blog's debut... https://www.wendywickerphillipsphotography.com/blog/2012/11/the-blogs-debut

As the holiday weekend comes to an end, I am truly Thankful at Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for little hands that like to help prepare.  It takes twice as long, but it's twice as joyful-  twice as messy, too.  I am thankful for little people who like to help clean up.  And though our Thanksgiving didn't go just as planned with a sickie in the house, it was still wonderful to relax and have some unscheduled time to just be at home with those I love the most.  I am thankful for family and friends and for all of you who have supported me along this little photography journey I am on.  I have avoided blogging for fear that I wouldn't be able to keep it up.  But, I have an extra special session and project I want to be able to blog about soon so here I am... jumping in with both feet.  I will do my best to keep up and appreciate you taking the time to stop by.  I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope to give this blog a facelift pretty soon, but for right now, just getting it started is enough-  one tiny to-do off my huge list of to-do's....  We all have those, don't we? 

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